Waiting for Breakfast, Hoi An, Vietnam

Waiting for breakfast, Hoi An Vietnam

I don’t want to play with my younger broth­er. Because he is very naughty. He uses all my toys. I only play when he is asleep.”  — Vũ

We saw these 3 boys hang­ing out in the win­dow ear­ly one morn­ing while walk­ing around Hoi An ancient town.  They sat togeth­er in the win­dow, wait­ing for their grand­pa to fin­ish mak­ing them breakfast.

From left to right:
Bin, 3 
Thỏ, 10
Vũ, 5 
Hoi An, Vietnam

We were greet­ed with a cheery “Hel­lo!” And, as we left, “Good­bye. Have a good day”.

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