The Hill Tribes of Vietnam

Viet­namese Hill Tribes” is some­times used to describe the eth­nic minor­i­ty groups in Viet­nam, most of which, live in the mountains.

Hue, 68, Colors of Hoi An

Huệ, 68, gets a ride to work in Hoi An, Viet­nam. When I took this pho­to we did­n’t know who she was so we sought her out to learn her story.

Focusing on the Ethnic Minorities of Vietnam

Focus­ing on the Eth­nic Minori­ties of Viet­nam. An inter­view with Alden Ander­son by Sam­my T Hoang of Cul­ture Magazin.

Blon, Stieng Ethnic Group, Vietnam

B’lôn, 90, from the Stieng (Xtiêng) eth­nic group, sits in front of her small wood­en house in South­ern Viet­nam. Her ear lobes are elon­gat­ed with ivory earrings.

Pra, Ta Oi Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Pra, 92 smokes her pipe in the liv­ing room of her house in the coun­try­side of cen­tral Viet­nam. She is from the Ta Oi Eth­nic Group and walked from Laos with her fam­i­ly, many years ago.

Nga, Si La Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Nga and her friends are from the Si La eth­nic group. They live in a remote vil­lage in the moun­tains of North­ern Viet­nam. With 909 mem­bers, the Si La are one of the small­est eth­nic groups in Vietnam.

Giay Shaman Northern Vietnam

I am a fourth-gen­er­a­­tion shaman. My father is a shaman as well. I start­ed to learn when I was 15.” Lái, Giáy Eth­nic Group, Ha Giang, Vietnam.

The Ethnic Diversity of Northern Vietnam

The Eth­nic Diver­si­ty of North­ern Viet­nam is a Pho­tog­ra­phy and Cul­ture Project by Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Alden Ander­son and his part­ner Trinh Nguyen, Doc­u­ment­ing the Beau­ti­ful, Rich, and Diverse Eth­nic Groups of North­ern Vietnam.

Viet­nam The People

 A Sto­ry-Dri­ven Cul­tur­al Pho­tog­ra­phy Project to Doc­u­ment the Peo­ple and 54 Eth­nic Groups of Vietnam

Ha Nhi Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Trụ, 30, Hà Nhì Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Quay, 102, Red Dao Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Quay, 102, Red Dao Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Choc, Giay Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Choc, 45, Giay Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Vietnam War Hero Pac O

The story of a Vietnamese War Hero

Col­ors of Hoi An

High­light­ing the Peo­ple of Hoi An, Jux­ta­posed with the Bold Col­ors of the Ancient Town

Colors of Hoi An Photography Alden Anderson_vrt_

Colors of Hoi An IV — The Story

Colors of Hoi An 3 cover

Colors of Hoi An III — The Story

Colors of Hoi An Photography 2 Alden Anderson

Colors of Hoi An II — The Story

Don Ganh Hoi An Yellow Wall Reflection

Don Ganh — Colors of Hoi An

Colors of Hoi An 1 Cover Alden Anderson

Colors of Hoi An I — The Story

Hoi An The People

More Sto­ries from the Peo­ple of Hoi An, Vietnam

Huyen, selling flowers, Hoi An, Vietnam

Huyền , 81 — Hoi An, Vietnam

Sau Planting Rice, Hoi An, Vietnam

Sáu, 52 — Hoi An, Vietnam

Nhi Tra Que Village Farmer

Nhi, 70 — Hoi An, Vietnam

Thuc, Hoi An, Vietnam, Farmer

Thuc, 70 — Hoi An, Vietnam