Hue, 68, Colors of Hoi An

Huệ, 68, gets a ride to work in Hoi An, Viet­nam. When I took this pho­to we did­n’t know who she was so we sought her out to learn her story.

Focusing on the Ethnic Minorities of Vietnam

Focus­ing on the Eth­nic Minori­ties of Viet­nam. An inter­view with Alden Ander­son by Sam­my T Hoang of Cul­ture Magazin.

Pra, Ta Oi Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Pra, 92 smokes her pipe in the liv­ing room of her house in the coun­try­side of cen­tral Viet­nam. She is from the Ta Oi Eth­nic Group and walked from Laos with her fam­i­ly, many years ago.

Nga, Si La Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Nga and her friends are from the Si La eth­nic group. They live in a remote vil­lage in the moun­tains of North­ern Viet­nam. With 909 mem­bers, the Si La are one of the small­est eth­nic groups in Vietnam.

Giay Shaman Northern Vietnam

I am a fourth-gen­er­a­­tion shaman. My father is a shaman as well. I start­ed to learn when I was 15.” Lái, Giáy Eth­nic Group, Ha Giang, Vietnam.

The Ethnic Diversity of Northern Vietnam

The Eth­nic Diver­si­ty of North­ern Viet­nam is a Pho­tog­ra­phy and Cul­ture Project by Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Alden Ander­son and his part­ner Trinh Nguyen, Doc­u­ment­ing the Beau­ti­ful, Rich, and Diverse Eth­nic Groups of North­ern Vietnam.

Hoi An Underwater — Local Stories from the Flood in Hoi An

A col­lec­tion of pho­tos and sto­ries from the locals of Hoi An Viet­nam dur­ing the Octo­ber 2020 floods

Sa, Hoi An during the Flood

Sa stands at the emer­gency flood exit-door built into the attic of her house in Hoi An, Viet­nam. “Usu­al­ly, there are floods at this time of the year. The high­est water lev­el in my house was 2.2 meters (7.2 feet). If the water flow is too strong and ris­es fast, we have to escape through this door”

Viet­nam The People

 A sto­ry-dri­ven por­trait pho­tog­ra­phy project to doc­u­ment the peo­ple of Viet­nam and their culture

Col­ors of Hoi An

High­light­ing the Peo­ple of Hoi An, Jux­ta­posed with the Bold Col­ors of the Ancient Town

Hoi An The People

More Sto­ries from the Peo­ple of Hoi An, Vietnam