Lien, Xa Phang Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Lien, Xa Phang Hoa Ethnic Group, Vietnam

I made my own shoes. Old peo­ple teach the young gen­er­a­tion how to make their tra­di­tion­al clothes. Moth­ers teach their kids. Or moth­ers-in-law will teach their daugh­ter-in-law if she does­n’t know how to make it.”

My moth­er and grand­moth­er taught me how to work, that kids should go to school, and that we should be hard work­ing. I have passed these lessons down to my kids. I taught them to be a good per­son, I also taught them how to work, how to raise their kids, make clothes, and cook food. I taught them embroi­dery tech­niques, sewing, and tak­ing care of their family.”

Lý Dị Liên, 80 years old
Xạ Phang Eth­nic Group
(Sub-Group of Hoa Eth­nic Group)

Dien Bien, Vietnam

Shoes Xa Phang - Hoa ethnic group Vietnam

Hoa Ethnic Group — Summary


Official Name

Xạ Phang

(Sub-Group of Hoa)


Population (Vietnam)




Location (Province)

Across Vietnam

Language Group

Sino-Tibetan, Chinese

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