Giua, Hmong Ethnic Group, Ha Giang, Vietnam


I am here hang­ing out and work­ing. Peo­ple take pic­tures of me and give me some mon­ey. I use the mon­ey to buy books and note­books for my stud­ies. My par­ents work in the fields. I have been doing this for 2 years.”

Giua, 12 years old
White Hmong eth­nic group
Ha Giang, Viet­nam (North­ern Vietnam)

Giua sits along the side of the road at a pop­u­lar over­look in Ha Giang Viet­nam. She wears a lau­rel of flow­ers and holds a bas­ket on her back. She is from the White Hmong eth­nic group, a sub-group of the Hmong, one of the 54 eth­nic groups of Viet­nam.  Most days Giua will hang out here at the top of a series of switch­backs in the road, pos­ing for tourists to earn money.

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