Start­ing in Thakhek, the Thakhek Loop is one of the more adven­tur­ous attrac­tions of Laos. Tow­er­ing karst peaks, the 7.5‑kilometer Kon­glor Cave, indige­nous vil­lages, lush forests, water­falls, and count­less caves and swim­ming holes. All tak­en in at your own pace from a motor­bike. With mul­ti­ple motor­bike rental options, guest­hous­es, and places to eat through­out the 450 km loop it is a well-estab­lished and high­ly rec­om­mend­ed part of a more adven­tur­ous trip to Laos. It might just be the high­light of your whole trip!

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Lao woman fishing near Ban Nahin

Lao woman fish­ing near Ban Nahin

Kong Lor Cave, Thakhek Loop highlight!

Entrance to Kong Lor Cave.

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Rice fields and karst

Rice fields and karst

Village life, Thakhek Loop

Vil­lage life, Thakhek Loop

Laos Children Thakhek Loop

Lao boys always wear Batman!

Kong Lor Village

Kong Lor Village

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Rice fields and karst at sunset

Rice fields and karst at sunset

Xieng Liap Cave Thakhek Loop

Xieng Liap Cave

Want to know more about Xieng Liap? More pic­tures and infor­ma­tion on Xieng Liap Cave on this post.

Kong Lor Village Water Buffalo

Water Buf­fa­lo, Kong Lor Village

Around Ban Natane, Kong Lor Cave

Around Ban Natane, Kong Lor Cave

Driving to Kong Lor Cave

Dri­ving to Kong Lor Cave

Dragon Cave, Mangkone Cave

Drag­on Cave, Mangkone Cave

Sunny Days on The Loop

Sun­ny Days on The Loop

Inside Kong Lor Cave

Inside Kong Lor Cave

Rainy season on the Thakhek Loop

Rainy sea­son on the Thakhek Loop

Kong Lor Village

Crop Burning near Lak Sao

Crop Burn­ing near Lak Sao

Ban Natane and surrounding villages

Ban Natane and sur­round­ing villages

Around Kong Lor Village

Around Kong Lor Village

Tham Nang Aen Cave

Tham Nang Aen Cave

Laos Woman Thakhek Loop

Laos Woman and water buf­fa­lo on the Thakhek Loop

Sunset over Ban Nahin, Thakhek Loop

Sun­set over Ban Nahin


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