Hoa, 43 — Drying Krill

Hoa Gathering Krill Hoi An

Hoa gath­ers krill that has been dried on nets in the sun. For the last few decades, she’s worked in the kitchen of a small hotel in Hoi An, Viet­nam. Now times are dif­fer­ent. She explains:

Due to the Coro­n­avirus spread, the hotel is closed, that is why I am work­ing for hire like this (dry­ing krill and fish). These krill will be dried with­in a day and after that, they’ll be ready to be sold.”

When the virus start­ed, my hus­band was wor­ried and told me to stay at home for safe­ty. A few days lat­er, my hotel was shut down. Since then, I’ve been unem­ployed. There­fore, I try to get work wher­ev­er I can.”

Hoa, 43 years old
Hoi An, Viet­nam
March, 2020

Around Hoi An, over the years, many peo­ple have tran­si­tioned into jobs in the tourism indus­try. A usu­al­ly boom­ing indus­try employ­ing count­less num­bers of peo­ple, it has all but come to an abrupt halt. As Viet­nam clos­es it’s bor­ders and works tire­less­ly to con­tain COVID-19, peo­ple like Hoa try to find an income in oth­er places.

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