Hac, Lao Ethnic Group, Vietnam

Lao Ethnic Group, Vietnam

I raised this roost­er to catch wild roost­ers in the for­est. I have a trap, I bring it to the for­est then put the roost­er in it. The roost­er crows then the wild roost­ers run to the trap. He crows loud­ly. He is also very good at fight­ing” Hac tells us as she stands next to her roost­er, cradling him gen­tly in her hands.

I catch the roost­ers and sell them. We don’t eat our rooster.”

Lao Eth­nic Group
Lai Chau, Vietnam

Vietnam Heritage Magazine

This pho­to was fea­tured as a two-page spread in the Jan­u­ary 2020 issue of “Viet­nam Her­itage Mag­a­zine” the pre­miere cul­ture and fash­ion mag­a­zine of Vietnam.

Vietnam Heritage Magazine, January 2020
Hac's Rooster

Lao Ethnic Group — Summary


Official Name


Population (Vietnam)


Location (Province)

Lai Châu

Sơn La

Điện Biên

(Northern Vietnam)

Language Group


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