Get­ting a Visa for Viet­nam, if you are fly­ing into the coun­try is fair­ly straight­for­ward, with lots of agen­cies to help you get a Visa on arrival. I’ve described the Viet­nam Visa on Arrival process here. How­ev­er, there is far less infor­ma­tion and no online agen­cies to help you get a Visa if you are cross­ing the land bor­der into Viet­nam and you usu­al­ly can­not get a visa at the bor­der. Here I will describe the straight­for­ward and rel­a­tive­ly easy process of get­ting a land bor­der cross­ing Visa for Viet­nam through a Viet­nam Embassy. This Visa, of course, can also be used if you arriv­ing by air­plane into Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA) vs Visa through the Vietnam Embassy

The Visa on Arrival can only be used if you are arriv­ing in Viet­nam through an Inter­na­tion­al Air­port. If you are in Laos, Cam­bo­dia or Chi­na, and would like to cross the land bor­der into Viet­nam you have 2 options: 1. Visa through a Viet­nam Embassy 2. E Visa (Valid for 30 days sin­gle entry). This post lays out the process to get a Visa through a Viet­nam Embassy. I got mine in Savan­nakhet, Laos. But it will be sim­i­lar at any Viet­nam Embassy in Laos, Cam­bo­dia or China.

1. Locate the Vietnam Embassy

Vietnamese Consulate, Savannakhet, Laos

Viet­namese Con­sulate, Savan­nakhet, Laos

The first step is to locate the Viet­namese embassy in the city you are in or the clos­est one to you. I was in Thakhek, Laos and the Viet­nam Embassy in Savan­nakhet was clos­est to me so this is the one I will describe, how­ev­er they should all be sim­i­lar. (Viet­nam Embassies/Consulates in Laos are list­ed below)

2. Apply for the Visa in person at the Embassy/Consulate

Bring your pass­port (With at least 6 months valid­i­ty) and 1 addi­tion­al pass­port pho­to, fill out the paper­work, choose the length of stay and the date you will arrive in Viet­nam. Dou­ble check your dates as you can­not change them once the Visa is issued. I was not required to leave my pass­port at the Viet­nam Embassy.

3. Pay the Visa Fee and pick up your Visa

Return in one busi­ness day (or how­ev­er long they tell you. It shouldn’t take much longer than 1 busi­ness day). Pay the Visa fee (they only accept­ed US Dol­lars but there was a cur­ren­cy exchange with a very good rate across the street — Savan­nakhet) and get the Visa stick­er in your passport.

Vietnam Visa

Viet­nam Visa

Pro Tips:

1. Call the agency before you arrive (unless it’s very close to you) to ensure it will be open.
2. You will pay for the Visa when you pick it up but they will like­ly only accept US dollars.
3. The Visa should only take 1 busi­ness day but sched­ule 2 days to be safe.

Visa Fees:

3‑month sin­gle entry: $55
3‑month mul­ti­ple entries: $95

Vietnam Visa Fee - US Dollars Only

Viet­nam Visa Fee — US Dol­lars Only

Vietnam Embassy Laos

Embassy of Viet­nam in Vien­tiane, Laos

* Address: 23 Sing­ha Rd, Vien­tiane, Lao PDR
* Phone: +856 21 451 990
* Fax: +856 21 413 379
* Email:

Viet­namese Con­sulate Gen­er­al in Luang­pra­bang, Laos

* Address: No. 15/II, Wat That Vil­lage, Photh­isalath Road, Luang­pra­bang Town, Luang­pra­bang Province, Laos
* Phone: +856 71 254 748
* Fax: +856 71 254 746
* Email: or

Con­sulate Gen­er­al of the Social­ist Repub­lic of Viet­nam in Pak­sé, Laos

* Address: No 31 Pha­bat, Pak­sé, Cham­pasak, Laos
* Phone: +856–31 214 199
* Fax: +856 31 214 140
* Email:

Viet­namese Con­sulate Gen­er­al in Savannakhet

* Address: No.118, Sisa­vangvong, Kayson Phomvi­han dis­trict, Savan­nakhet province, Laos
* Phone: +856 41 212 418
* Fax: +856 41 212 182
* Hours: Mon­day to Friday
Morn­ing: 7:30 AM — 11:00 AM
After­noon: 1:30 PM — 4:30 PM


The Visa fees and pro­ce­dures have changed a few times over the recent years so it’s best to call the Viet­nam Embassy and dou­ble check the fee and appli­ca­tion process if there is any doubt. Please com­ment on your expe­ri­ence or updates you’ve encountered.

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