The beau­ti­ful yel­low walls of Hội An are enough to keep any­one busy tak­ing pic­tures for hours, wan­der­ing through the streets and alleys that glow with lanterns at night. There are many places to take pic­tures, but if you want to find the best places for pho­tos look no fur­ther. Here are the ten best Insta­gram spots in Hội An Old Town.

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1. Japanese Covered Bridge

Japanese Covered Bridge, Hoi An Old Town

Japan­ese Cov­ered Bridge, Hoi An Old Town

The Japan­ese Cov­ered Bridge is an icon­ic sym­bol that defines Old Town Hội An. This beau­ti­ful arched bridge was built in the 1590s to con­nect the Japan­ese quar­ter to the Chi­nese quar­ter, back dur­ing a time when Hội An was a bustling inter­na­tion­al port town. Take a look inside at the mon­key and dog pro­tec­tors on either end of the Japan­ese Cov­ered Bridge for some close-up pic­tures, as well as the tem­ple inside the bridge.

Pro tip: get there ear­ly in the morn­ing to take pic­tures with­out lots of peo­ple (7 am). At this time you can also cross the bridge with­out pay­ing a fee.

2. Yellow Walls of Hoi An

The iconic yellow walls of Hoi An

The icon­ic yel­low walls of Hoi An

The old yel­low-walled build­ings are every­where in the ancient city and the pho­to oppor­tu­ni­ties are lim­it­less. No Hội An trip is com­plete with­out wan­der­ing the nar­row streets of old town for hours, dis­cov­er­ing the many ancient buildings.

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3. An Hội Island — Looking back at Old Town Hội An

Hoi An Ancient Town, Thu Bon River

Hoi An Ancient Town, Thu Bon River

One of the best views of the yel­low build­ings in Hội An is from An Hoi island just across the Thu Bồn Riv­er look­ing back at old town. You can take pic­tures here any time of the day but the morn­ing and evening will have the best light.

As the sun sets, the Thu Bồn Riv­er fills with boats and float­ing can­dle lanterns pro­vid­ing more oppor­tu­ni­ties for pho­tog­ra­phy, look­ing across or down into the river.

Hoi An Old Town at dusk from An Hoi Island

Hoi An Old Town at dusk from An Hoi Island

Get­ting to An Hoi Island:
The An Hoi Bridge con­nects Old Town Hoi An to the Island. It’s a few min­utes walk from the Japan­ese Cov­ered Bridge.

4. Faifo Coffee

View from Faifo Coffee

View from Faifo Coffee

Faifo Cof­fee shop has a rooftop ter­race over­look­ing Hội An Old Town. It is one of the best views you can eas­i­ly get, over­look­ing the ter­ra­cot­ta roofs. The drinks are aver­age for Hoi An Old Town (38,000 VND for an Amer­i­cano) and its got a great atmos­phere and is well worth a stop if you want to get a view over Hoi An with an Insta­gram per­fect cup of cof­fee and ancient roofs. Per­haps the best place in Hoi An to take pic­tures of the roofs.

5. “Hoi An Vibes Only” sign

Hoi An Vibes Only sign

Hoi An Vibes Only sign

Not quite as icon­ic as the yel­low walls or Japan­ese bridge but any search for Hoi An on Insta­gram will prob­a­bly bring up pic­tures of some­one in front of the “Hoi An Vibes Only” sign. It’s at the back of the “Sun­day in Hoi An” store which sells all kinds of home acces­sories and nick nacks.

Sun­day in Hoi An — 76 Tran Phu Street
Hours: Mon-Sun 9:00 am — 9:00 pm

Google maps has the loca­tion of the “Sun­day in Hoi An” store a bit wrong but just pay atten­tion to the address and you’ll find it. In front of the store, there is a wood­en sign that says “From Hoi An with love!” Anoth­er often pho­tographed sign.

6. Hội An Alleys

Hoi An Alleys

Hoi An’s Alleys are per­fect for Instagram.

In addi­tion to explor­ing all the beau­ti­ful store­fronts in the ancient city don’t for­get to walk down the nar­row alleys. Some of the alleys in Hội An have yel­low walls some don’t but there are many oppor­tu­ni­ties to take pic­tures with con­verg­ing lines.

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7. An Hoi Bridge

Hoi An Bridge view

Hoi An Bridge view

The bridge that con­nects Old Town Hoi An to An Hội island is an often pho­tographed spot. Take pic­tures of your or your friend in front of the “Hoi An” sign gaz­ing out over the Thu Bồn Riv­er. This is also a good place to take pic­tures of the boats pad­dling peo­ple around on the riv­er. A good spot for pho­tograph­ing the sunset.

8. Hội An Market

Hoi An Morning Market

Hoi An Morn­ing Market

The mar­ket on the East end of Old Town is sur­pris­ing­ly tra­di­tion­al. Though there might be a bit of tourists lat­er in the day, if you get there ear­ly in the morn­ing it is a hec­tic mix of locals buy­ing and sell­ing all kinds of col­or­ful fruits and veg­eta­bles. Lots of pho­to oppor­tu­ni­ties, guar­an­teed to add a splash of col­or to your Insta­gram feed.

Bach Dang street runs along the river­front. Fol­low it East until you hit the market.

9. Hoi An Lanterns

Hoi An Lanterns at the NIght Market

Hoi An Lanterns at the Night Market

Anoth­er sym­bol of Hoi An is the lanterns at night. Walk through Old Town Hoi An at sun­set as the lanterns begin to turn on. They are strung between build­ings and in front of shops. To see the most lanterns for great col­or­ful Insta­gram pic­tures, head across the bridge to An Hội island where the night mar­ket is full of ven­dors sell­ing lanterns, food, clothes and var­i­ous souvenirs.

10. Temples in Old Town Hoi An

A Chinese Temple in Hoi An

A Chi­nese Tem­ple in Hoi An

Many Chi­nese tem­ples are scat­tered about Hội An ancient town with lots of pho­tog­ra­phy options. Old ornate entrance gates, drag­ons and so much of col­or! Some tem­ples require a Hoi An Old Town tick­et to enter but plen­ty don’t. If you see some­thing inter­est­ing try to enter the tem­ple, if you aren’t allowed as you don’t have a tick­et just keep walk­ing, you’ll soon find one that’s free. And they usu­al­ly aren’t too busy.

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