Hoi An Photo Tour — A Journey Through Vietnam’s Most Picturesque Town

Pho­to Tour of Hoi An. Old Town, the coun­try­side and peo­ple of Hoi An. An image gallery by 360nomad and Hoi An 360.

Hoi An Photo Tour — FAQs

Every­thing you need to know about doing a Hoi An Pho­to Tour. From Old Town Hoi An to the pho­to tours and work­shops explor­ing the coun­try­side and meet­ing the peo­ple, you can find it here!

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge — The Hands of God

In Ba Na Hills, high above Da Nang in cen­tral Viet­nam, a Gold­en Bridge is sus­pend­ed above the tree­tops by two enor­mous hands, the hands of God. The…

10 Best Instagram Spots in Hội An Old Town

The beau­ti­ful yel­low walls of Hội An are enough to keep any­one busy tak­ing pic­tures for hours, wan­der­ing through the streets and alleys that glow…

The Ancient Rock Carvings of Po Toi Island

Not much is known about Hong Kong’s ancient rock carv­ings, scat­tered amongst the islands, 8 in total have been found. They have been esti­mat­ed to be from the Bronze Age, which for Hong Kong is about 3,000 years ago.

Da Nang Attractions — The Less Known

An 800-year-old tree, the left eye of God, an aban­doned US Air Base. For those that have seen the main Da Nang Attrac­tions or are just look­ing for…

Saigon’s Dog Cafes

I had to find some­thing about the city I loved, and I did. The dog and cat cafes of Saigon. They soon became my go-to places to escape from the streets. Here is a list of the dog cafes of Saigon.

The Three Most Important Rules In Photography

Every good or great pho­to has these three rules in com­mon. Three rules to use as a guide­line in your pho­tog­ra­phy. Next time you take a pic­ture, think about these points and imme­di­ate­ly begin to see an improve­ment.

Chien Dan Cham Temples

Under an omi­nous sky and set­ting sun, I pull off the high­way. Just a few hun­dred feet away three tow­ers come into view. Old and over­grown, grass and…

10 Cheap/Free Things To Do In Hong Kong

The thriv­ing metrop­o­lis of Hong Kong is a city that has much to dis­cov­er. With its mediter­ranean-like islands and beach­es to its fine din­ing and shop­ping. It’s a unique blend of Can­tonese and West­ern cul­ture with an intrigu­ing his­to­ry and breath­tak­ing views of…

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Hong Kong’s Monster Building

Cramped pub­lic hous­ing “man­sions” from the 1960s per­fect­ly con­vey the feel­ing of Hong Kong, one of the most dense­ly pop­u­lat­ed cities in the world. “400 to 500 Mil­lion HKD….to live in this grave­yard.” (500–600 thou­sand USD) my friend Bon­nie tells me. She’s from Hong…

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Feilaisi — Gateway to Yubeng Village

The pic­turesque Tibetan styled town of Feilaisi hangs on the moun­tain­side high above the Lan­cang (Mekong) Riv­er in South West­ern Chi­na, with spec­tac­u­lar views of the Meili Snow Moun­tains, dom­i­nat­ed by Kawage­bo (Kawagarbo/Khawa kar­po) 6,740 m (22,110 ft) one of the…

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Yubeng Village – A Photo Journey to Tibetan China

I just returned from 4 days of hik­ing in this beau­ti­ful remote moun­tain vil­lage in Chi­na. Yubeng! Tucked in a val­ley sur­round­ed by glaciat­ed peaks right on the bor­der with Tibet. The only way to get here is by foot, or for those with a bad case of Ambu­lo­pho­bia (fear…

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Yubeng Village — Complete Guide

Nes­tled in a farm­ing val­ley on the bor­der of Tibet, amongst lush green forests, sur­round­ed by rugged glac­i­er cov­ered moun­tains lie the 2 small vil­lages of Upper & Low­er Yubeng. There is a dirt road that goes to the vil­lage, how­ev­er you must hike in (or take a mule for the less walk­ing inclined “hik­ers”). The val­ley is amaz­ing­ly beau­ti­ful with spec­tac­u­lar views of the moun­tains, alpine hikes to water­falls and glac­i­ers,

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A year and a half traveling so far…

It’s been almost a year and half since I set off to Europe. I’d imag­ined I’d be gone for about 6 months before return­ing to Los Angeles….well that didn’t real­ly hap­pen. The longer I trav­el the more the con­cept of home becomes, well, kind of just a con­cept and not real­ly a spe­cif­ic place. Home is where you make it.

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