Hoi An Photo Tour — A Journey Through Vietnam’s Most Picturesque Town

Pho­to Tour of Hoi An. Old Town, the coun­try­side and peo­ple of Hoi An. An image gallery by 360nomad and Hoi An 360.

Hoi An Photo Tour — FAQs

Every­thing you need to know about doing a Hoi An Pho­to Tour. From Old Town Hoi An to the pho­to tours and work­shops explor­ing the coun­try­side and meet­ing the peo­ple, you can find it here!

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge — The Hands of God

In Ba Na Hills, high above Da Nang in cen­tral Viet­nam, a Gold­en Bridge is sus­pend­ed above the tree­tops by two enor­mous hands, the hands of God. The…

10 Best Instagram Spots in Hội An Old Town

The beau­ti­ful yel­low walls of Hội An are enough to keep any­one busy tak­ing pic­tures for hours, wan­der­ing through the streets and alleys that glow…

The Ancient Rock Carvings of Po Toi Island

Not much is known about Hong Kong’s ancient rock carv­ings, scat­tered amongst the islands, 8 in total have been found. They have been esti­mat­ed to be from the Bronze Age, which for Hong Kong is about 3,000 years ago.

Da Nang Attractions — The Less Known

An 800-year-old tree, the left eye of God, an aban­doned US Air Base. For those that have seen the main Da Nang Attrac­tions or are just look­ing for…

Saigon’s Dog Cafes

I had to find some­thing about the city I loved, and I did. The dog and cat cafes of Saigon. They soon became my go-to places to escape from the streets. Here is a list of the dog cafes of Saigon.

The Three Most Important Rules In Photography

Every good or great pho­to has these three rules in com­mon. Three rules to use as a guide­line in your pho­tog­ra­phy. Next time you take a pic­ture, think about these points and imme­di­ate­ly begin to see an improve­ment.

Chien Dan Cham Temples

Under an omi­nous sky and set­ting sun, I pull off the high­way. Just a few hun­dred feet away three tow­ers come into view. Old and over­grown, grass and…

Kong Lor Cave — In Pictures

Past rice fields, through small vil­lages, backed by lush, jun­gle-cov­ered karst peaks. It’s rur­al Laos and we are on the way to Kong Lor Cave, one of the longest Riv­er Caves in the world. Sev­en and a half kilo­me­ters of riv­er, far beneath the earth’s sur­face. Out here…

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Kong Lor Cave — Complete Guide

Rock­et­ing through the dark­ness on a long, thin wood­en boat, the local guide skill­ful­ly maneu­vers around the obsta­cles fol­low­ing the wind­ing path of the riv­er cave. Look­ing up at the ceil­ing of the cave stirs my imag­i­na­tion, I’m inside the bel­ly of some gar­gan­tu­an sea…

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Xieng Liap Cave, Thakhek Loop, Laos

Drift­ing through on a long wood­en boat into the gap­ing mouth, just before we are engulfed in dark­ness, light, shin­ing through at the oth­er end, lush green jun­gle. A huge open­ing, water drips from the ceil­ing as I swim on my back look­ing up at it. Tham Xieng Liap is a…

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Getting a Vietnam Visa on Arrival

With so many agen­cies it can be over­whelm­ing try­ing to nav­i­gate the process of get­ting a Visa on arrival for Viet­nam. It is in fact very straight­for­ward. This arti­cle will describe the steps nec­es­sary for get­ting a Visa on arrival if you are arriv­ing in Viet­nam at an Inter­na­tion­al Air­port

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Dog Cafes, Cat Cafes, and Pet Cafes — Ho Chi Minh City

When the French brought cof­fee to Viet­nam in the 1800s I won­der if they ever thought a  “Drink­ing cof­fee with pets” sub-cul­­ture.” would evolve. It’s a fas­ci­nat­ing side to Saigon that I quick­ly fell in love with. Here is an overview of the Cat Cafes, Dog Cafes, and oth­er Pet Cafes in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

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