Imperial City Hue (Hue Citadel)

The Hue Citadel, thick walls lined with watch­tow­ers, sur­round­ed by a moat, topped with can­nons. For­ti­fi­ca­tions that sur­round­ed the ancient Impe­r­i­al…

Welcome to Da Nang — A 360 Short

A most bizarre wel­come, omi­nous earplugs and look­ing for weed on Tin­der. My first intro­duc­tion to Vietnam’s 3rd largest city. The city of Beach­es. Da Nang.

Tomb of Tu Duc — Hue

Of all roy­al the tombs around Hue Tu Duc Tomb is my favorite. Some build­ings are restored while oth­er areas are in a state of arrest­ed decay keep­ing…

4 Weeks on the John Muir Trail — In Pictures Part 2 of 4

The John Muir Trail in Pic­tures: Part 2 of 4 Start­ing the sec­ond week on the John Muir Trail in the Ansel Adams WIlder­ness. Leav­ing Yosemite means…

Thakhek Loop — Frequently Asked Questions

The most com­mon ques­tions I’ve heard or seen asked about the Thakhek Motor­bike Loop. A 450-kilo­me­ter motor­cy­cle adven­ture through the heart of Laos.…

Thakhek Loop — In Pictures

Start­ing in Thakhek, the Thakhek Loop is one of the more adven­tures attrac­tions of Laos. Tow­er­ing karst peaks, the 7.5-kilometer Kon­glor Cave,…

Thakhek Loop — The Complete Guide

Start­ing in Thakhek, the Thakhek Motor­bike Loop is one of the more adven­tures attrac­tions of Laos. Tow­er­ing karst peaks, the 7.5-kilometer Kon­glor Cave, indige­nous vil­lages, lush forests, water­falls and count­less caves and swim­ming holes. All tak­en in at your own pace from a motor­bike.

5 Must-See Temples in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Tem­ples are known world­wide for their vari­ety and unique char­ac­ter. Any vis­it should include these 5 tem­ples, in no par­tic­u­lar order. My…

Montane Mansion, Quarry Bay — Photography Guide

You’ve prob­a­bly seen the pic­tures, dense, col­or­ful apart­ments of Hong Kong that appear to close in around you, yet there’s a cer­tain beau­ty too it.…

Buddha Cave, Thakhek Laos

The Bud­dha Cave is one of the first stops on the Thakhek Loop, not far from Thakhek, Laos. 6 km down a dirt road off of Route 12, known local­ly as Tham Pa Fa (Pa Fa Cave). This Bud­dha Cave is filled with 229 bronze Bud­dhist stat­ues up to 500 years old which can be…

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Getting a Vietnam Embassy Visa

Get­ting a Visa for Viet­nam, if you are fly­ing into the coun­try is fair­ly straight­for­ward, with lots of agen­cies to help you get a Visa on arrival. I’ve described the Viet­nam Visa on Arrival process here. How­ev­er, there is far less infor­ma­tion and no online agen­cies to…

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Kong Lor Cave — In Pictures

Past rice fields, through small vil­lages, backed by lush, jun­gle-cov­ered karst peaks. It’s rur­al Laos and we are on the way to Kong Lor Cave, one of the longest Riv­er Caves in the world. Sev­en and a half kilo­me­ters of riv­er, far beneath the earth’s sur­face. Out here…

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Kong Lor Cave — Complete Guide

Rock­et­ing through the dark­ness on a long, thin wood­en boat, the local guide skill­ful­ly maneu­vers around the obsta­cles fol­low­ing the wind­ing path of the riv­er cave. Look­ing up at the ceil­ing of the cave stirs my imag­i­na­tion, I’m inside the bel­ly of some gar­gan­tu­an sea…

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Xieng Liap Cave, Thakhek Loop, Laos

Drift­ing through on a long wood­en boat into the gap­ing mouth, just before we are engulfed in dark­ness, light, shin­ing through at the oth­er end, lush green jun­gle. A huge open­ing, water drips from the ceil­ing as I swim on my back look­ing up at it. Tham Xieng Liap is a…

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