5 Interestingly Unique Things in Central — Hong Kong

A roar­ing bronze lion named Stephen with shrap­nel holes from WWII, a man who looks like Gol­lum and took his name, can­nons to fend off bad spir­its, here are 5 inter­est­ing­ly unique things in Hong Kong’s Cen­tral dis­trict that you might have oth­er­wise missed. And they’re…

Hong Kong’s Free Ride-To-The-Sky

I squint my eyes try­ing to get the sen­sa­tion of fly­ing, or per­haps rap­pelling. It’s been over a year since I’ve rap­pelled from a height like this, and nev­er from a build­ing. I’m inside the Hopewell Cen­ter Obser­va­tion Ele­va­tor, a free gut wrench­ing ride above the city.…

Yim Tin Tsai — Hong Kong’s Ghost Island

Once home to a thriv­ing Salt Indus­try Yim Tin Tsai Island is now most­ly aban­doned with some fas­ci­nat­ing neglect­ed build­ings slow­ly decay­ing, being tak­en back to the earth by the inevitable hand of nature. The island was first set­tled by the Hak­ka group of South Chi­na…

Dragon Holes of Hong Kong

A glance around Hong Kong and you might notice odd holes in the mid­dle of its sky­scrap­ers. An unusu­al and unique fea­ture of this city. Why build gaps into a build­ing in a city with some of the high­est real estate prices in the world? The answer lies in drag­ons and the…

Walking to Victoria Peak — The Classic View of Hong Kong

When you pic­ture Hong Kong this view is per­haps the most com­mon. It’s cer­tain­ly the most acces­si­ble view from any of the moun­tains sur­round­ing the city, as you can take a tram or bus to the top and walk along the path sur­round­ing “The Peak” (What the locals call…

Hong Kong — A City of Contrasts

In the last 5 weeks I’ve explored the islands and beach­es, camped alone under the stars, noth­ing but the sounds of the waves lulling me to sleep. Count­less hikes, explored more tem­ples and learned much more about this city and its his­to­ry, includ­ing the bizarrely unique drag­on holes

Dragon’s Back — Asia’s Best Urban Hike

Dragon’s Back, a por­tion of the much longer Hong Kong trail, is an eas­i­ly acces­si­ble, not very stren­u­ous hike along a ridge­line with great views of the ocean and islands sur­round­ing the Shek O penin­su­la on Hong Kong Island. It has been rat­ed as one of the best if not…

Kamikaze Tunnels of Hong Kong- A story of War and Occupation

The ocean is calm as the British Air­craft Car­ri­er slow­ly steams into the Japan­ese occu­pied waters of Hong Kong, appre­hen­sive of float­ing mines. A sun­ny morn­ing in August 1945. Bat­tle sta­tions aboard the HMS Vengeance are manned, gun­ners on high alert. The 7 foot…

10 Cheap/Free Things To Do In Hong Kong

The thriv­ing metrop­o­lis of Hong Kong is a city that has much to dis­cov­er. With its mediter­ranean-like islands and beach­es to its fine din­ing and shop­ping. It’s a unique blend of Can­tonese and West­ern cul­ture with an intrigu­ing his­to­ry and breath­tak­ing views of…

Feilaisi — Gateway to Yubeng Village

The pic­turesque Tibetan styled town of Feilaisi hangs on the moun­tain­side high above the Lan­cang (Mekong) Riv­er in South West­ern Chi­na, with spec­tac­u­lar views of the Meili Snow Moun­tains, dom­i­nat­ed by Kawage­bo (Kawagarbo/Khawa kar­po) 6,740 m (22,110 ft) one of the…

Yubeng Village – A Photo Journey to Tibetan China

Nes­tled in a farm­ing val­ley on the bor­der of Tibet, amongst lush green forests, sur­round­ed by rugged glac­i­er cov­ered moun­tains lies Yubeng Vil­lage. It’s split into Upper and Low­er Yubeng. Two vil­lages about a 40 minute walk from each oth­er. Pigs and cows roam the…

Yubeng Village — A Hiking Guide

Nes­tled in a farm­ing val­ley on the bor­der of Tibet, amongst lush green forests, sur­round­ed by rugged glac­i­er cov­ered moun­tains lie the 2 small vil­lages of Upper & Low­er Yubeng. There is a dirt road that goes to the vil­lage, how­ev­er you must hike in (or take a mule for the less walk­ing inclined “hik­ers”). The val­ley is amaz­ing­ly beau­ti­ful with spec­tac­u­lar views of the moun­tains, alpine hikes to water­falls and glac­i­ers,

A year and a half traveling so far…

It’s been almost a year and half since I set off to Europe. I’d imag­ined I’d be gone for about 6 months before return­ing to Los Angeles….well that didn’t real­ly hap­pen. The longer I trav­el the more the con­cept of home becomes, well, kind of just a con­cept and not real­ly a spe­cif­ic place. Home is where you make it.

Tiger Leaping Gorge — Complete Hiking Guide

Intro­duc­tion Clouds hov­er on the moun­tain­side, drift­ing through the ridges cov­ered in lush green forests, water­falls cas­cade to the rag­ing Jin­sha riv­er below, high above tow­er­ing over you is the jagged ridge line and snowy peak of Jade Drag­on Snow Moun­tain. Emerg­ing…

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