Just across the bor­der from Hong Kong, Shen­zhen isn’t usu­al­ly a des­ti­na­tion peo­ple con­sid­er spend­ing much time in. But if you do find your­self here and have some time to spare here are 3 things to do. In addi­tion to any shop­ping of course.

1. Splendid China Folk Village

Potala Palace Miniature

Pota­la Palace Minia­ture

This used to be two sep­a­rate parks but is now one large park. It con­sists of “Splen­did Chi­na” a bunch of minia­tur­ized ver­sions of the main attrac­tions of Chi­na includ­ing the Great Wall and Pota­la Palace. On most of the attrac­tions there are count­less small fig­ures of eth­ni­cal­ly dressed peo­ple and there’s even a full-scale attack on the Great Wall of Chi­na.

The Folk Cul­ture Vil­lage con­tains re-cre­at­ed hous­es of the major eth­nic minor­i­ty groups around Chi­na (There are a total of 56 minori­ties in Chi­na). Each house is exquis­ite­ly dec­o­rat­ed and usu­al­ly has peo­ple dressed in the appro­pri­ate eth­nic cos­tumes. It’s a great intro­duc­tion to China’s minor­i­ty groups.

My favorite part of this place was def­i­nite­ly the minia­tur­ized ver­sions of Chi­na. It’s sim­ply fas­ci­nat­ing. Each mon­u­ment includes a small descrip­tion in Eng­lish and some of them have audio descrip­tions in Eng­lish and Chi­nese play­ing out loud.

How to get there:

Sub­way Line 1, OCT Sta­tion, Exit D


200 RMB Sin­gle entry for one day (Includes var­i­ous live per­for­mances)

Splendid China Evening Show

Splen­did Chi­na Evening Show

I arrived mid after­noon but it wasn’t enough time to see every­thing before the big show starts at 7pm (don’t miss it). I would rec­om­mend arriv­ing in the morn­ing and spend­ing most of the day there.

More infor­ma­tion

2. Window of the World

Window of the World

Win­dow of the World

Minia­tur­ized ver­sions of mon­u­ments, like Splen­did Chi­na but for the rest of the world, focus­ing pri­mar­i­ly on Euro­pean mon­u­ments. This place is usu­al­ly busier though talk­ing to some of my friends in Shen­zhen if you have to pick one then the Splen­did Chi­na Folk Vil­lage is prob­a­bly a bet­ter option.

How to get there:

Sub­way Line 1, Win­dow of the World Sta­tion, Exit J


200 RMB Sin­gle entry for one day

3. Dafen Oil Painting Village

Dafen Artist

Dafen Artist

The only free option of the three but def­i­nite­ly worth check­ing out, espe­cial­ly if you are inter­est­ed in Art. Here is a vil­lage built up around the Dafen Art Muse­um of artists paint­ing most­ly extreme­ly good dupli­cates of famous paint­ings. Appar­ent­ly 60% of the worlds art repro­duc­tions are done here. They also paint por­traits from pho­tos and you can even paint your­self if you poss­es some Chi­nese lan­guage skills and would like to try your hand at it. It’s nice just walk­ing around the vil­lage and watch­ing all of the artists paint in all the dif­fer­ent styles.

You can of course buy paint­ings by the likes of Van Gogh and Mon­et and there are var­i­ous art sup­plies shops here too.

How to get there:

1. Take Sub­way Line 3 (the blue line) to Dafen Metro Sta­tion, Exit A1
2. Walk straight down the street until you see Wal-Mart.
3. Just past Wal-Mart on the left is Dafen Oil Paint­ing Vil­lage.



Sunset on Po Toi Island

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